What is management? Management is about holding something in your hand. The word is derived from manus, Latin for hand. Taking something in hand, taking hold of this or that and taking it where it should be.


So part one of the story of Stuhr CMC can be found in the M in Contract Management Consultancy.


Part two can be found in Consultancy. A person who has done something, which others have not, is in a position to give advice. A person who knows something special can pass that knowledge on. We have been in so many situations that we have developed a special “crisis intuition”, a nose with a particular sense-the-problem sense of smell and an ear, which will register the lowest of whispers and be able to decipher what the other parties or the documents are actually saying.


This means that we can enter projects in crisis, early or late, and provide the consultancy, which will fill the voids and put the project management back in control.


Part three of our competence can be found in the word Contract. Contracts concerning bridges, tunnels or turnkey factories in the middle of deserts do not make us nervous. We may at the most go a bit quiet just before taking on projects involving very large sums of money, but the law of contract, contract and claims management is a profession like any other.


Of course, some of our competence has to do with being at home anywhere in the world.


Furthermore, we have developed tools, which the client company can apply to manage their own contract processes. And we hold seminars to ensure that our clients’ employees are prepared for any critical situations.

erfaCON® Contract Design Tools

erfaCON® Contract Design Tools is a concept developed by Stuhr CMC A/S for enterprises wishing to give their sales and project employees the freedom to act independently, while ensuring that they keep within a set of guidelines which are easy and interesting for the employees to follow and which protect the company against unintended risks. The web portal and the printed erfaCON® manual are targeted at the drafting of contracts.


Advantages of implementing erfaCON®


 • The process involves an analysis of the company’s routines concerning the conclusion of contracts.


• A collection of contract documents is put together which is manageable, easy to use and thorough.


• Employees are given tools to work with which are easy to use and which are based on the philosophy of helping them to help themselves.


• The company management is free to lay down policies for the area and integrate such policies into the tool itself so that users are warned about restrictions on use or limits to their powers through warning icons integrated in the program itself.


• In our experience, employees become more interested in working more on the contract documents when they have access to paradigms, examples and guidelines.


• Employees reap considerable educational benefits from being able to work with paradigms, examples and guidelines on a regular basis and from being able to browse through erfaCON®’s electronic library which gives access to knowledge about a wide range of contractual matters.


• The company obtains an efficient risk management tool. Projects or deliveries, which grow into stranded or conflict-ridden projects, are often based on contracts, which are deficient in some way.


• With better and more standardized contracts, such problems can be tackled at an early stage.


• The graphic design of the web portal, the CD ROM version and the printed erfaCON® manual signals quality and user-friendliness. Experience shows that erfaCON® is of considerable value in allaying the fears or doubts of investors or shareholders.


• With a well-defined contract based on risk limitation and where technical aspects have been given the necessary attention from the outset, projects are far more likely to make a profit.



In the course of negotiations, an acute need may arise for a company to strengthen its employees in relation to the other party. In such a situation, Stuhr CMC can plan and hold a seminar tailored to the relevant problems.


The seminar can be held at the company premises at short notice to allow employees to return to the negotiating table with a clearer understanding, more certainty and greater precision in their argumentation and a heightened awareness of any dangers and pitfalls.


We also offer simple, practical training in the handling of possible counter-arguments – even the most seemingly irrelevant. In other words, the purpose of a seminar designed in view of a specific, problematic situation is to equip the employees at the negotiating table better within the areas of negotiating technique and contract law, thereby increasing their clout in relation to the other party.



© 2021 Stuhr CMC A/S. Stuhr CMC is a consulting business. We advise on contracts and contract-related issues, conflict management, arbitration cases and much else besides – we possess extensive hands-on experience in this field. We are not a law firm in the traditional sense, and we do not undertake tasks, which require a practising certificate issued in Denmark.